The Effect: The magician takes two cards from a regular deck. He proceeds by telling the audience about the circus and all the side shows, particularly about The Contortionist. He begins to fold the two cards and demonstrates by placing the queen behind the other card and in a crisscross pattern, he zigzags the top half of the queen from the bottom half. After the spectators put their tongues back in their mouths, he restores the queen back together again. The magician then folds the two cards (the queen lengthwise and the odd card width-wise) so that only the backs of the cards are seen.

He then pushes the folded queen through the odd card and the queen turns face-up, still folded (in a Card-Warp fashion). He then opens the folded cards in a crisscross pattern and proceeds to push the face-up queen under the face-down card, causing half of the face-up queen to turn face-down. He proves this to be true by tearing the queen in half and showing half to be face-up and the other half to be face-down. The best part is he repeats this effect with only the torn halves! Complete with performance and instructional video plus the original manuscript by Michael Giles.

Michael Giles' The Contortionist messed with my head. I know Card Warp and used it for years, but this adds some "crazy sauce" to the classic effect. And it fooled me! If you want an effect that zigs, then zags, then sucker punches the spectator-this is it!

- Nicholas Night

"The Contortionist" (by Michael Giles) - A clean, smooth 3 min+ routine based on Card Warp, with a few extra "zings" along the way that kick it up a few extra notches... Amazing-zing-zing! Check it out!!

- Scott Interrante

I never been a fan of a card warp until now.  If you can find a way to get a hold of one. . .GET IT!

- Crow Garret

Seen it! Own it! Love it! BTW, It's great! So if you haven't got it, you're missing out!!

- Peter Winch

Card warp has always been one of my favorite. This is the best version and presentation I have ever seen. FANTASTIC!

- Craig Dickens

What a nice surprise and a great creatve well thought out routine.

- Patrick Redford

Just watched it for the 3rd time. . .that is brilliant!

- Ryan Armstrong

DANG! Card warp on steroids. . .

- Rod Robinson

 Loved this since you were kind enough to show me back at the 1999 National SAM in Milwaukee!

- Luke Dancy

This is fantastic!!!

- Dominik Krzownoski

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